Sunday, August 3, 2014

An apology

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 "Don't you think you must apologize to me?" That sounded more like a demand than a request.

Trust Mr-know-all to flaunt his arrogance like that! she thought. So typical of him! Why did always think he could do no wrong? He always assumed she was the weaker one and his sole purpose in life was to guide her! 

"And why would I do that?" she asked.

"For all the hurt I have endured because of you."

"That is not true!"she exclaimed. "Are you accusing me of causing you hurt? Me????"

"I am...! I think before I act. That is how I shield myself from getting hurt. I don't act impulsively like you."

"One doesn't 'think' when one is in love." she looked hurt.

"That is the more irrational thing I've ever heard! When you don't think, here is where you land." 

His sarcasm was getting to her.

"Ha! What would you know about love anyway, you practical fool!"

"What would I know??! Let me tell you what I know, being in love is like living in a fool's paradise. Would you dare to disagree?"

"But it is still paradise." The tinge of sadness was evident in her voice. 

"So why are tears flooding your eyes then? Being in heaven shouldn't hurt like hell."

"It hurts when the person who made you feel so special suddenly leaves you hanging. It's crazy when the person who swore that he'll never hurt you, is the one who hurts you the most."  

"You messed up your feelings and you messed up mine. I was treading with caution but you made me toe your line. You convinced me you were right. But now I know you weren't! I would have done well to have let my thoughts rule me than having your emotions butt in!"

"Okayyy....if it is an apology you want, you shall have it. I'm sorry for hoping you'd know what I want." she had had enough of his rebuttal, of telling her how wrong she was. She knew she wasn't, but she didn't want to keep arguing with him. He'd never understand anyway! 

They had always been poles apart. He, the rational mind and she, the nimble heart. 


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  1. sometime not arguing is healthy for our benefits ! :D

    for your fool things part .. its just like you asked .." love is for fools or fools fall in love " .. and who would dare to think answer of that question :D :P

    1. i would say it would be foolish 'not' to fall in love!

  2. Ah! The eternal war - the brain vs the heart.

  3. That's a wonderful way of expressing something we have all experienced many times in life. The tussle between the two will continue, but perhaps we need each of them at different times :) Each of them helps us become who we are and in their own way help us grow through what they help us experience including the tiff between them! Very nicely done, Titli!

    1. true...we need both at different times! thanks for the wonderful comment beloo!

  4. OMG, Titli ! Superb, this conversation between the mind n the heart.... How poles apart they are, yet how they exist together always and always...
    Full marks to you for bringing out the sweet and sour relationship , in so beautiful words !
    Hugsss !

    1. u comments always make me smile! thanks Sreeja! hugsss back!

  5. true sometimes its better to say sorry and on to the NEXT argument :)

    and what a story you have written bringing out those emotions .. awesome


  6. This could easily be my story! This happened to me once, with me being the practical one. Can't help at times, we just stick to logic. Even when it comes to love :)

    1. i know....leo's get into this kinds of trouble a lot of times!! :)

  7. What a headache and heartache to be in such a situation!!

  8. What all one does to have peace... it is usually worth it!

  9. Occasionally one must shut off the paradise & look around for reality. But then you can always argue over apology & apologize after arguing......Mars & Venus....its damn confusing...:-) Here is my entry, Love, Apology, Death & Wedding

  10. imaginative, a brilliant take on the prompt

    Letter Of Apology

    Followed your blog

  11. In the battle between Mind and the heart, taking sides is indeed a hard decision. Choose carefully.
    A lovely story :)

  12. Seen it happening around! Well expressed.

  13. That's a very creative and imaginative way to depict the eternal tug of war between the Head and the Heart. Loved it :) ♥

  14. Congrats Titli. In a very interesting way you have discussed the issue of tug of war between the head and the heart.

  15. Poles apart, yes, but both are necessary. Beautifully composed and presented!


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