Saturday, August 30, 2014

Life is a B......baffling beauty!

It is amazing how life gives you those upswings and downswings in equal measures!! She will never let you get too happy or too sad, too leisurely or too busy, too excited or too depressed! She knows just when to pull the strings and show you who's in control!

Just when I thought how hunky dory life was, giving me enough time to lazy around, marveling how I was able to lounge around with a new book every two days, turning every nook of my house into a cozy little haven, thankful for kids who were minding their own business, for family and friends who were pouring in their love every waking hour, and showering my self with love too, doing things that made me happy, gymming, reading, writing, cooking, and so on and so forth.... suddenly she decides to put a brake to all that! And suddenly I find myself thrown into a cauldron of bubbling emotions!!

It is like the clock turned faster, the minutes went by without waiting for the seconds to complete their time, just as the hours went by without letting the minutes tick through theirs. There's suddenly more writing assignments, more wedding orders to be completed, the schools decide to dump in projects at the same time, the body decides to go on a strike, with the migraines and apneas competing amongst themselves as to who could make me sicker, and all the festivals deciding to gang up in one power packed month. In short, there's no time to breath!!

From being in a space where I was reading two books in a week, I found it difficult to find time to play a tag game and name 10 of my favorite books! From riding on a bullock cart I was suddenly riding on the Maglev!

But that's how she is , isn't she? She never lets you think like you are in control. Clever little lady!

There have been times when I have been so excited about something, that I could barely breathe (yep, that sounded cliched!) and before that excitement could kill me, she drew the curtains and put me in a totally depressed state! There have been times when I have been so sad that I almost thought I wouldn't last the night, but no, I did. And then, I received a sudden rush of happiness that made me more alive than I ever would be!

I guess, unless these cascades happen like precision clockwork, we wouldn't know one from the other! I guess that rest I had in the last month gave me the energy to pull through this month. I guess, that's how the highs and lows pair off together. And that's why I know, when I get too tired to chug along, I'll be allowed to disembark from the Maglev and ride my bullock cart again.


  1. Titli you have rightly pointed out the sudden rhythms of ups and downs which life brings along with it. It happens to every one. Really enjoyed reading the rhythmic movement of the pendulum in life.

  2. phase will pass :)
    tag game seems like too active on facebook :P

  3. "Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an ECG means we are not alive" - Ratan Tata

  4. Tell me about it :) This year has been one funny roller-coaster :)

  5. hmmm well isn't this that spices our life .. if not then it will be so boring if we got what ever we wanted .. but the fun is to work for it and then wait will we.. will we .. will we :) and then sometimes we get what we want only to know we lost it immediately .. so the tears come first from excitement then sorrow ..

    I wonder sometimes why is it that way .. a typical example is I get a bonus from work and think right this month with the extra money i will do this or that .. reach home only to find there is this bill that has come and needs paying immediately :)


  6. Yes, that's exactly right. She is indeed a clever one! She compels us to follow her rhythms and play along with her...the more we resist, the cleverer she gets :) All the best as you play along :) A very interesting write-up!

  7. It is true and that's what makes things from getting predictable and boring!! Enjoy every aspect! :)


At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person..deep gratitude for those who have lighted the flame within me!! your comments will be appreciated..

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