Monday, June 23, 2014


Words, they have brought me joy,
Played pranks with my nimble heart,
Made it flip and skip a beat,
Encompassing me in their girt.

Words that healed an aching void,
Filling every cell with delight,
Taking me high among the clouds,
On the wings of a fantasy flight.

Words, they soured one summer day,
Biting the tongue with their tarty sting,
Pulling away the sheath of love,
Offering no comfort in the spring.

Words betray the way I feel,
They're no cheer to the wounded heart,
All they do is skewer and jab,
Numbing all that's fallen apart.

Words, they shoot like trenchant arrows,
Not meaning what they convey,
But yet manage to leave that scar,
Like a cleaver, they chip away. 

Words, they were all I had,
And now there's nothing left,
Stripped of love and robbed of warmth,
Peeled of hope and love bereft.


  1. Beautiful composition,deep thoughts there, really wonderful read.

  2. So much has been expressed through these carefully chosen words. Words are indeed all that and more...and perhaps we all need to come to that point sometime in life when words must fail us. Perhaps then alone we will begin to listen to and comprehend the silences too. Beautiful post, Titli.

    1. You read well beloo! there are times when these very words have made us the happiest...there are times when words fail us, and ur right.... at such times silence becomes the unspoken word....thanks so much!

  3. if only i had proper word to appreciate this piece !

  4. And these words bring you back..make you soar higher!
    I loved this one.

  5. now what "WORDS" do i use to be good enough to respond to the WORDS that you have written ..



  6. that's lovely! i am reminded of that song by Boyzone' words are all i have to take your heart away'
    Words hurt and words true but the last para was a bit sombre

    1. hmm..i did have that song in mind as i wrote it....

  7. Oh ! I wish you words never ever lose their warmth, Titli :)
    Lovely words here :)
    I wish these words make you fly higher n higher :)

  8. Brilliant, Shubhangi! I simply loved it!!


At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person..deep gratitude for those who have lighted the flame within me!! your comments will be appreciated..

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