Wednesday, July 17, 2013

UBC day 17- Turning forty!

It's hubby's Birthday today!!! He turned 40!! So it was a big deal for him and I wanted to make him feel that it was special.

I was wondering what gifts to buy, since we have given each other every possible gift during the last 14 birthdays and 10 anniversaries that we have celebrated together. I toyed with the idea of packing 40 little gifts, but you'll agree that while you can think of a hundred things to gift a woman, it is so difficult to buy as many when it comes to buying gifts for men!!

While I was still scratching my head, it occurred to me how worn out he looks now-a-days, with his constant work related travel. He is the Zonal head in his company and he has to travel quite a lot. That's when I got the idea for the gift!

He got the first shocker when I told him, 'don't take your bath now'.

He nodded, assuming exactly the opposite, and suddenly realising what I said, 'Did you just say don't ?

'Hmm...'I winked. 'We are going out now.'

'What kind of place are we required to go without taking a bath?', he wondered aloud.

'Patience, my dear Watson,'

'Ok let me change, he said.

'You look fine, let's go like this.' I told him.

'In these tracks? On the roads? You must be joking!'

'Oh come on..' I dragged him out.

'Where are we going?'

Next shocker.

'To get you a tattoo'

'No way!'

'What? I got one for you, na? Your turn now, Ink my name on your arm.' I teased, knowing pretty well how scared he is of needles.

He gave me a weird how-could-you-do-this-to-me look.

I drove him to our destination. As we walked inside, I saw his eyes turn wide with surprise.

Kerala Ayurvedic oil massage center.

'Wow!'  he said. 'This is the surprise?'

I loved that priceless look on his face. I winked.

After that Balakrishnan, the expert massage specialist took charge, while I left him there to relax for 2 hours and shopped for the other gifts.

When I went to pick him up, he had the most wonderful smile on his face. 'Thaaaaaanks' he beamed. 'That was so relaxing. What a start to my day!'

I made Palak rice that I learnt from SuKu, Aaloo ka paratha, Raita and Lauki ka halwa with all the little accompaniments. He couldn't stop raving about it to anyone who called after that! He loved all the other little gifts too, but he gets them every year anyway!

All this is too small in comparison to how well he takes care of me and how loved he makes me feel. So here's to you, hubby dearest...Cheers! Happy 40th Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to Bhaiya..
    That was such a beautiful experience..Princess.
    The experiences arent perfect.Nope.
    you know why
    cuz he got married to his perfect gift of Life..
    Now there is possibly Nothing, that can compete against you and ever win..
    By default,Everything that's made and chosen by you is perfect for him.
    Love to both of you

    1. say the sweetest things to make me gush and smile and that smile remains on my lips the entire day!! thanks sweetu! Love to you too!

  2. WOW, what an amazing surprise. He sure wasn't expecting that!


  3. Aww! that was such a sweet little surprise! and a very well-thought one, of course :)

  4. Awww!! Happy 40th to your guy!!
    Your gift sounds perfect!!
    Its so tough to gift guys!! :-/

  5. You are such a sweet and thoughtful wife. That idea would never have occurred to me. Congratulations on making your husband's day so special.

  6. *wiping away tears of joy* my humble palak rice was a part of your celebrations *more tears of joy*

    thank you thank you ♥♥ I completely agree with you on gift ideas for men.. I am sure his look on seeing the surprise was priceless.. but i would say the look on his face when you told him about the tatoo would have beaten it all hahahahhahah *evil grin*

    hope your prince had a gr8 budday... wishing him a lot more of such special days :) :)

    1. *wiping ur lovely eyes* yea...and all of us loved it.

      u bet, he couldn't even scold me...*joins you in the evil grin *

      thanks a ton!

  7. wow!!! U did it so very nicely!!! Good girl!!! :D

  8. Say Happy Birthday from my side too :) .. while you can think of a hundred things to gift a woman, it is so difficult to buy as many when it comes to buying gifts for men!! is it so ?

    1. now that u mention, I'll ask the men to give me gifting ideas.... i could start with you.... :) :)
      tell me what gifts do men like?

    2. I believe in philosophy and physiology .. so i guess not a right choice to start with and more importantly to be very true .. we are so busy pleasing the opposite sex that we have forgotten that even we too like gifts .. :D

  9. You made palak rice! Wow now I am also going to try it over the weekend and probably at least tweet about it if not blog :D (it won't be worth it :P ) and a big happy birthday to your husband!! forty is a naughty age dont get him massages :D :D


    1. hahaha...a naughty age that is! i'd have to be careful!! :) and that palak rice turned out super cool!

  10. Wow! That's an awesome birthday celebration! belated birthday wishes to your hubby :)

  11. A belated happy birthday to your prince, girl! :D
    That was a really well-thought gift. And I totally loved how you planned the surprise! Very touching! :)
    God bless you both yaar... I get so senti reading about such loving moments!
    You're really sweet... :)

  12. Oh forgot to ask with all the senti-ness...
    How do you make lauki ka halwa? I've never even heard of it?
    UBC Day 17 - "A Decade Of Blogging"


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