Tuesday, April 4, 2017

C - 5 ways to Cheer up someone!

Cheering up someone should be pretty simple, but is it? Cheering up someone who is sad because they have gone through some kind of a heartbreak or grief, is the most difficult thing to do. It could be a friend who is nursing a heartbreak or getting over the loss of a loved one or a pet, is upset over failure in an exam, job, or business, or is simply having mood swings. As a good friend, you might want to butt in and try to make them feel better.

Thumbs up for trying to be the good Samaritan, but you must also know two things before you attempt to cheer someone up. One, not all people want someone to nag around them asking them what’s wrong and can they help. Unless you are sure that the other person needs you around, it can get very irritating for the other person to have someone barge in their lives despite the good intentions. And two, be prepared to get screamed at, being told that you aren’t sensitive enough or understanding enough, but also know that the other person might not really mean it.  In spite of this, if you care enough to want to cheer a person, here are five things to keep in mind.

Listen, don’t talk.
A person who is sad needs a patient ear. Let them vent and speak about their feelings. As tempting as it might be, don’t talk about a similar situation you have been in and how valiantly you handled it. Resist the urge to dole out advice.

Offer a service.
More than advice, a sad person needs help. As per the need, you can offer to bring food, pick up and drop their kids, run some errand, loan your vehicle or maybe even offer financial help if you can afford it. Helping without waiting to be asked is much better than telling them to call you if they need help. That almost never happens.

Take them out.
When someone is sad, they tend to get holed up at their home for prolonged periods. Get them out in the sun, take them for a movie or for a drink, get some friends together or plan a small outing. Think of all the fun things they’d love to do. But don’t go overboard and don’t plan things which they might not enjoy!

Leave them alone.
Avoid the urge to keep hanging around them at all times; everyone needs some moments of solitude. Give them time alone to reflect on their loss. Let them know that you’ll be around.

Show some love.
Hugs are a great way to show love. Studies say that hugs release a feel-good hormone and trigger receptors in the brain that makes one feel comforted. If hugs don’t figure in the scheme of things - hold hands, they have the same effect. You could even buy them a gift to show that you care. It need not be expensive or extravagant, just thoughtful enough.

What would you like to add to the above list?


  1. Lovely post. I think just to listen and to Be there for someone is what matters the most... That's what friends are for - both ways communication:-.) Good luck on your A-Z:-)

  2. Loved this post. When someone is upset, advice is the last thing they want. Very few people get this.
    As for hugs, the more the merrier, whether you're happy or sad :D

  3. This is again a beautifully meaningful post buddy. Exhibiting a lot of patience in hearing their heart out always works wonders.

  4. Listen... rather than advising when someone has a lot in their mind. Sound advice and a good post.

  5. I am really bad with expressing emotions. These are excellent points, and I can really use them. Some people are so good at it. They just know the right words at the right time.

  6. Great list. I have always been bad at cheering someone. Though I love to help, most of the times I am at loss of ideas. May be this will help :)


  7. That's very thoughtful and wonderful suggestions.


  8. A thoughtful post... comes right at the time when my sister is going through a low and needs me to hear her out. Surely a warm hug would help her out too!!!!

  9. Happy to say I've tried all of them when I try to cheer my loved ones!


  10. During the tough times, I prefer to be left alone and barging inside my pain irritates me to no end. But, yes, I like the simple acts as you enumerated. A touching post.

  11. Very relevant points there.... Listening as you mentioned is important and one must take care not to belittle the others predicament...it might be a trivial thing (not silly) to you but might mean the world for the other

  12. Great pointers. Listening is the most crucial aspect. But more often than not we get into sharing our own experiences or doling out advice mode.

  13. oh! I just love someone who can make me laugh when I'm sad! You know... just take my mind off whatever's bothering me! And you are so right... listening, offering help instead of advice, giving space if required,... they're all so essential!
    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @ www.mysteriouskaddu.com

  14. These are some amazing tips! I often lose patience while trying to cheer up people. I guess I should bookmark this post somewhere.

  15. Simple tips, Shubhangi and very easy to do! In fact, I'd say it should be a habit to do these! Hugs!

  16. Sending a handwritten note, or a postcard! It can be really meaningful.

    Eva - Mail Adventures
    C is for Castle.

  17. Lovely post and all good points. I would add - being sensitive and not cheer those up who you don't know well. Err on the side of caution and be considerate.

  18. I often find myself wondering what to do when I see someone sad around me. These tips are godsent! I agree with the offer some service point. It's so much better than listening to someone give you continuous streams of advice!

  19. As someone who's recently needed a lot of cheering up, I loved this post. Every point rings true. There were times I needed to be taken out and times I wanted to be left alone. Both helped in cheering me up.


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