Friday, July 25, 2014

Why kids lie?

We all dream of bringing up our kids to be honest individuals. Well, if not for the world outside, we at least expect them to be totally truthful to us. But more often than not, we find them fibbing their way out of everyday situations!

Why do kids lie?

So why do kids have this tendency to lie? Actually the answer is quite simple! They lie for the same reasons that we adults do!! There could be different reasons-

To get out of trouble- Kids might lie to cover up something, hoping to avoid punishment or consequences. For eg.  Scared that mom might punish him for breaking an expensive vase, a kid might say, “Mom, I did not break the vase.”

For personal gain- Kids might lie to manipulate a situation or to set up something. For eg. A kid might tell dad who does not know the routine, “Mom always let me eat chocolates before dinner” hoping to get that candy bar, he knows mom will never let him eat!

To impress – Kids like to make things up and hence exaggerate stories and try to impress others. For eg. A kid saying to his friend, “I caught a big fish last Sunday when I went fishing with dad, it was as big our boat.”

To protect someone- They might lie to protect a loved sibling, or friend.

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  1. hmmmm but still lieing is a bad habit , I can understand the circumstances but still ..


    1. yep..that's the motive of the know why they lie and how to stop them from lying....that second part is on that parentous case u didn't notice.:) :)

  2. baache bhagwan ke hoote hai .. so just like god they lie to us :P :P
    by the time they start going to school they can lie convincingly and effortlessly this line made me realize how awesome was my childhood :D :D

    Jokes apart those steps to reduce it are really nice :)

  3. Titli you have assessed the child's mind correctly.

  4. I think the simple answer to the question, "Why do kids lie?" is "Because their parents, teachers and other role models lie!"
    The parents, teachers and other role models picked up the lying habit from their parents, teachers and other role models!!

    You've given some good tips!

  5. Again, read this at Parentous, and loved your assessment :) Good tips...and now I know why little S can be proud of his mommy :)


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