Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fickle love...

The nip in the air makes me want to snuggle back into the comfort of the warm sheets. Outside, the rain in all its splendor and sparkle embraces the earth even as she shudders at his touch. As they dance together, their dance of love… I watch them, and my own heart pines for the love of my life. I wait for him to cup my face with his warm orange ray and smother me with kisses. I love the way he flirts with me each morning, streaming in like I belong just to him. But he’s been playing hard to get of late! Where is he today?

Ah! There he is! So he plans to tease me and play hide and seek from behind the clouds? Wrong move!  He should have known better than to keep his lady love waiting like this! It’s been a long wait now, and just as my patience starts wearing thin, I see him emerge smiling from behind a cloud. Not so easy love….keep waiting, I say, as I pull the screen and snuggle back into bed.

And then I see him.

What a stunner! Every cell in my body tingles with excitement at his sight and every hair stands on end. I cannot take my eyes off him!!

 I take a deep breath and his unmistakable scent fills my senses with pleasure. If there’s something called love at first sight, then I’m sure this is it! Did I just fall in love all over again?

As if by magic, I drift towards him, his scent more magnetic than any charm that has ever held its sway over me. Unabashedly, we come closer and I feel his warm body giving me the much needed comfort from the nip outside. His hug melts my heart! I know I crave for that kiss, but again, I know better than to hurry up that moment! I close my eyes and soak in his scent, as he draws me closer and engulfs me in his kiss.

Did I just die and go to heaven?

Definitely feels so! I throw a guilty glance outside and see a bright golden ray knocking on my screen, pleading to be let in. But it is too late now. Fickle love…. doesn’t wait for anyone. You might have to try harder later, I tell him, because I just lost my heart to this smoking hot, tall, dark and handsome, not to forget, heavenly smelling……. cup of coffee!


  1. Very smart!! could not guess till the end that you were referring to coffee.

  2. ah how beautiful ! a romantic brew of coffee and words-elf :)

  3. ha ha ha ha you know how to give it a twist :) for sure I LOVED ITtttttttttt yes I am also in love with this SMOKING HOI.. Dark HANdsome and yummy SMelling Hunk of a Cup of coffee ..

    There I said it in public :) he he he I just burst out laughing at the last line and Lyn my collegue asks me AM I OK :) he he he he


  4. Love, love, love! Now this is what I call a real love-story :) What a magical weave you have woven here. To tell you the truth, I was earlier thinking of a cup of tea but then started imagining the Sun, and then you bring me back to a cup of coffee! So many loves in one post, great! Masterfully written, Titli.

    1. thank U Beloo for this drool worthy comment! i'm lovin' it!

  5. Hahaha! NOW you talk of things worth loving :)

  6. lol what a romance ;-)
    very interesting read..

  7. Aha! That is a lovely love story! Didnt see it coming :)

  8. That is the greatest romance ever. I now need a good tumbler of filter kaapi.

  9. Hahaha :D I can identift very much with this :D The coffee love :)
    Lovely style of writing, Titli :)

  10. Hahaha!! Beautiful twist after leading readers up the garden path!

  11. LOL!! Very naughty, Titli!!! :D
    Loved it!!


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