Thursday, July 10, 2014

Speaking up..

“Hi champ, how was school today?” I asked my son as he trudged in looking a little sad. He is usually quite chirpy and is forever bursting to let me in on all the minute details of his school day the moment he barges in, but today he looked slightly off colour.

“What seems to be the problem, champ? Want to share?” I quizzed not wanting to be overly nosey.

“Dance sir slapped me on my cheeks. I lost balance and he just slapped me.” He looked hurt.

“You could have tried explaining what went wrong.” I suggested.

“I did. He said he doesn’t want to listen to anything.”

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  1. i seriously cant understand why teachers arent ready to listen .. ! well written article and last para so true to follow !

  2. WHATTTTTTttttttt... Read it and your points are very good ..

    no one has the right to hit anyone, I can still understand if there was a reason for the slap.. the teacher cant just go around slapping anyone according to his wish

    and yes I will trust my kid, even if the kid is wrong , I will later on have a word with the kid if he has lied to make sure he does not repeat it ever again .. But trust i will .. otherwie the kid will stop talking

    I hope more parents read it


  3. What kind of a teacher is he? It is quite surprising that none of the parents ever reported this before! Well, good for you that you encouraged your son to not let this pass. And it is admirable that he was courageous enough to do the right thing and talk to the principal. You always bring up such important issues and present them so logically and forcefully. Always a delight to visit your blog :)

  4. There is no justification whatsoever for a child being hit. Does the teacher get beaten if (s)he makes a mistake?
    It's good that you handled the matter in the way you did.

  5. Read this at Parentous, Titli. I appreciate the way you've handled the situation. Hitting a child is never a solution. As parents , a spank or two once in a while is different, but being hit on a regular basis, and that too by teachers, reduces the confidence that children have in themselves and in the teachers.


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