Monday, April 16, 2012

The heart and the head

`twas a war that shattered my peace,
and rocked me off my bed,
the never ending battle,
between the heart and the head.

the head asserting its views,
rationale galore it fires,
motive just to convince,
like lawyers or like liars,

the heart pure in its motive,
transparent, no hidden ill,
advice bitter yet remedial,
the proverbial pill.

caught in the crossfire,
struggling to comprehend,
who`d win the duel,
when the strife would end.

if the heart reigns supreme,
love would coat the pain,
and if it is the head,
suffering may conceal the gain.

though the final outcome,
the thrifty mind can cognise,
yet each time the dilemma,
never fails to arise.


  1. Hmm...the eternal tug of war. :)

  2. Intelligent choice of words. Looks like the poem is written a little with heart and a lot with the head :P

    Keeping joke aside, a nice post. And, it happens with many of us who are a bit more emotional than we probably should be in this rather so-called rational world :-/

  3. @ sir jee... always isnt it? :)

    @ hareesh: yep...but we'd rather be that way..hai na?

    loved ur photography blog, u have a way with pics..they seem to say a lot!

  4. @the little princess :-)

    Yes. We would surely be that way. In fact, I believe we can't change ourselves and be so-called practical even if we wish to, as it's more like a built-in feature (though a few people claim that they changed themselves from thinking-from-heart person to thinking-from-head person). And, we wouldn't even prefer to change the way we think even if we had option. Isn't it?

    Thanks for the nice words :-) If you're talking about 'Moments Clicked' blog, you may join me too as I'd created it to 'raise awareness/send a message across' with the help of pictures :-)

  5. @ hareesh: nice to know you think alike...the fact is that who you are at heart is fascinating in itself,there is no need to change!

  6. I really like how well you portrayed the struggle between the mind and the heart! Very enjoyable read.

  7. Oh! Interesting ...

    Loved this para..
    "if the heart reigns supreme,
    love would coat the pain,
    and if it is the head,
    suffering may conceal the gain"

    Nice work.

  8. the confusedgraduate: thanks for dropping by and for liking it too!


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