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Abduction - concluding part

Read part 1part 2 here

As soon as Aarzoo called her uncle, he immediately contacted AT&T to track the mobile. They would then use Google street view finder to know the exact address. They had very little time before they abductors found out that the cards and jewels were fake. Manek had to be traced before that. As soon as Aarzoo had messaged him the number, the tracking of the mobile had begun. The GPS system started showing movement and his team prepared for an ambush.

They followed the navigator and after about half an hour, they spotted the guy in the peon’s clothes as described by Aarzoo. The peon was riding a moped with a bag slung across his shoulders. The 3 police jeeps turned off their lights and moved very slowly. After a few more minutes he seemed to have reached his destination. He parked the moped under a tree and walked. They were surprised that the abductors had not traveled far outside the city. Radhekrishna parked his jeep about 200 meters away from the place and decided to walk so as not to alert the abductors. They were just on the outskirts of the city in an isolated ground surrounded by banyan trees and still inside the SUV.

His team of 12 followed and the remaining 6 stayed in the 3 jeeps.  He spotted Manek’s SUV with the lights turned on. He could make out 7 people sitting in the SUV. 5 of them were masked; one was in the driving seat and one blindfolded. ‘That must be Manek’ he thought. Manek had to be safely brought out before they attacked the others or else they could kill Manek. He wondered what weapons they had. He signaled his team to wait till the time was right. He wanted the driver to get off for some reason so that they couldn’t drive away when attacked.

They had been patiently waiting for more than an hour when 6 of them including the driver got off to relieve themselves. The driver was heading straight in his direction. Good. His men dispersed in two’s in the directions the other abductors had gone. As the driver neared him, he swiftly placed one hand on the driver’s mouth and shot him point blank before the driver could even realize that he had been attacked. He dropped dead at Radhe’s feet. He would have preferred to catch the guy alive, but he didn’t want to risk the guy raising an alarm.

‘One down, five to go’ he cheered himself. He wondered how his team was doing. There were silencers in everyone’s revolvers so he would not hear any gun shots. He saw the lone tall guy in the SUV with Manek, peeping out of the window. As if on impulse he fired a shot that hit the guy on his forehead startling Manek.

‘Two down’ he counted. He hoped Manek would realize that help was around and not do anything stupid. He waited 5...10...15… minutes had elapsed and not a single sound heard. What were his men up to? He pressed a little buzzer in his pocket that sent signals to all his men that Manek was alone in the car. Suddenly he heard gun shots in all directions. One of his men came running to him and informed him that two of the abductors had been killed and only two left now. They had spotted one of the policemen and fired at him. He had been injured in the left arm. The guy in the peon’s uniform who had collected the bag was running away from the place and the other was running towards the SUV. Radhe ran towards him and distracted the abductor so that he would not harm Manek. Radhe aimed for his thigh and shot him. He fell writhing in pain and was finally caught. He wanted someone alive to know why Manek had been abducted. His team managed to catch the other one firing at his feet.


Manek’s driver was later found gagged and bundled semiconscious in the boot. When questioned, the remaining two abductors revealed that they had planned to kidnap Manek and get him to draw money from his ATM and also gather all the jewels in his house. They had thought it would be better to kidnap Manek instead of his wife or children, because they would be defenseless in his absence. It had been their first attempt at kidnapping, and they had not expected a woman to be so smart and level headed in times of a crisis!

Manek beamed with pride at his wife who had shown a remarkable presence of mind. Had she not intercepted his message and alerted the police, he could have been a dead man today. Mobile tracking had virtually been the abductors undoing. If things hadn’t moved as quickly as it had! He shuddered to think of the outcome.

It was almost 7 in the morning.

“Ready to board your flight jaan?” he asked her with a smile.

“Hmm…but only the flight of fantasy”, she replied with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.



  1. Very gripping this one was. Loved reading it.

    Good job.

    Cheers :)

  2. Nice, racy story. :)

    1. I liked the clue Manek gave his wife. We could've worked a bit more on that.

    2. A kidnapping is usually much more than just money (but that's ok, can be ignored)

    3. This was a neatly executed story, for the simple reason that..well, it was a story. It would've been gripping if something had actually gone wrong, which more often than not, goes wrong.

    4. The kidnappers whisking away Manek from a busy restaurant so easily was a wee bit convenient for comfort. It doesn't normally happen that way, not with a full restaurant and people milling all around you (in or out). And remember, the gun was pointed at his neck which is easily visible. The gun should've been pointed at his back, where no one could've seen it. But theek hai, anyway ...they're first timers. :)

    5. Everything fell into place very easily. Even for first timers, it's generally not the case, but ..we'll talk about that later.

    6. You may call this eerie, and I don't know if you already know, an almost identical abduction happened in Bangalore recently, which unfortunately didn't turn out like your story. Here is the link:

    All in all. Good. Nicely penned. :)

  3. I read part 1 ,2 & 3 !! :) And let me tell you how vividly every scene ran through my mind! :)

    Awesome attempt at writing a fiction!! :)

  4. Amazing!! We marwaris are born intellijent :D
    Loved the story Princess :)

  5. @AS: Thanks

    @Sirjee: wow that was some in depth analysis! Thank you.

    Actually more than the actual kidnap my focus was on how being alert and keeping our mind open can help avert serious consequences .
    Also how an underestimated wife can prove to be the nemesis for a gang of abductors.

    I know the story sounds too good to be true! will try to write an action packed story with twists and turn soon..

    and hey, not the abductors but 'yours sincerely' is also a first timer , so I guess it explains!

  6. @ jen: Thanks a lot! *blushes*

    @ CD: of course my dear, marwaris are intelligent!

  7. such a well crafted story that even if there were 10 parts in it, i couldnt hv left without completing it! fabulous!

  8. I really enjoyed reading this! So interesting. :)

  9. Hey , your story had suspense . Me likey :)

  10. Oh,wow! what a great plot and lovely narration that was!!

  11. @Amitji: Thank u sir...ur comments mean a lot!


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