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X - 5 Xcess baggages you needn’t carry...

When you fly, the airlines specifies the weight of baggage that you can carry. Anything more than the specified weight, you end up paying an extra tax for it. As with the airlines, so it is with our lives. All our lives we walk around carrying a lot of xtra baggage. It does nothing except make us pay for it by eroding our own peace of mind. What are these xtra, xcess baggages?

Here they are-  


We all have expectations from people in our relationships. We do something for them, and we want them to remember what we did, and give it back to us when we need it. And when they don’t, it doesn’t go down well with us. Expectations in a husband-wife relationship, child-parent relationship, or in friendship, are quite common, but they end up ruining the relationship.

Don’t carry that xcess baggage of xpectations.

Do your deed and forget about it. If you aren’t likely to forget it, don’t do the deed. Don’t give yourself an xtra baggage to carry, by counting your favours. Karma has its own way of finding its way back to you and repaying you for all that you did, good or bad.

Anger –

Anger is like a piece of burning coal. The longer you hold it, the more it burns your hand. It will leave you charred and worthless. Yes, circumstances make us angry, people make us angry, and many a times we have no control over those umpteen things that make us angry.

But don’t carry around the xcess baggage of anger.

Instead, whenever you are angry, don’t react. Pause for a minute, take deep breaths and do nothing until you are calmer. An angry mind is prone to taking decisions that we might regret later. But also, remember not to leave the issue unresolved. Talk it over, take appropriate action, but resolve the matter. Otherwise, you will still be carrying that anger in your heart!

Feeling of hurt –

People have the ability to cause hurt to each other. They say or do things that leave us hurt and upset. The feeling of hurt is more when people whom we love and trust are responsible for it.

Don’t carry the xcess baggage of hurt.

If someone has hurt you, do this analysis. Is the person a loved one, someone who’s presence makes a difference in your life or is it some random person who merely has a passing presence in your life? If they belong to the latter category, there’s no point carrying the hurt. If they belong to the former category, ask yourself if you want forgive and forget, talk it over or give up on the relationship. You will know what to do. By carrying around the hurt and not doing anything about it, you are doing a great deal of harm to yourself.  

Past mistakes and feeling of guilt –

Who doesn’t commit mistakes? No one is all-knowing, or godly enough to have never committed mistakes in their life.

But don’t carry that xcess baggage of guilt.

It was a mistake, you realise it, you feel bad about it and swear to never repeat it again. Leave it at that. What’s the point in going over past mistakes, ruminating over it and killing yourself with guilt? What’s important is to learn from your mistakes and get on with life.  

Revenge –

Don’t hate someone so much that you wait to exact revenge from them for the misdeeds they have done unto you. Someone might have broken your trust, or tampered with your emotions, but is revenge the answer?

Don’t carry that xcess baggage of revenge.

Even if you succeed in taking revenge and destroying the other person, you aren’t going to feel better. Forgiveness, on the other hand, is the best revenge.

Whether it is an emotional baggage or moral one, xcess baggage is xcess. You have to stop continuing to carry it. Leave it on the ground, and save yourself the trouble and pain.
No matter who is responsible of the action, in the end, your response is about you. Make that count.


  1. Completely agree with every single point you've mentioned here! One could live such a peaceful and productive life if these unnecessary elements were to be done with!

  2. Xcess baggage is always a burden on one's psyche
    from AtoZ

  3. I had something one these lines in mind when I first started out with the story I'm writing. It was originally supposed to be about letting go of your baggage.
    Another thought that I like is, "We all have baggage, but if you help your fellow person carry theirs, it becomes lighter for everyone."

  4. Glad you picked this one up. I wish I learn something from this worthy article for I am the person who is always buried under extra baggages from the past.

  5. Another brilliant and thoughtful post. If we could get rid of these excess baggage, life would be a lot more peaceful and better. Training the mind is the key.

  6. I liked the analogy. True, excess baggage in our life can truly weigh us down. Letting go of the hurt, pain, negativity, expectations, distractions, fear, worries is the best way to be happy.

  7. I like your comparison of all those bad feelings with baggage, that's clever.
    Eva - Mail Adventures

  8. What about excess weight? That's about the worst excess baggage we can caery

  9. So much of wisdom in one single post! I need to learn so much of the above! I tend to carry the extra baggage with me all the time! I simply loved this post!


  10. Excess baggage is harmful. Things like expectation, anger and hurt can destroy us. I still carry excess luggage but working to lighten up things. Not easy but we can start through a step by step approach.

  11. All I can say is this is such a great post. While I do not ever carry an excess baggage of revenge, I am guilty of carrying those of hurt and guilt. Long way to go.
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