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A for Ayurveda

Welcome to the "Believe it or Not- That's Incredible India!" series. India is home to some of the most astonishing wonders in the world. The rich culture, heritage, food, scriptures, architectural marvels and scores of known and unknown facts come together to create this multicolored melange that is India. Throughout this month, read about the various believe it or not facts about India and know what goes into the making of this incredible country!


India is one of the world’s oldest civilizations and Ayurveda, the oldest Indian indigenous medicine system. Did you know that the earliest description of Ayurveda is in the Vedas- the Rigveda and the Atharvaveda - which are believed to have been written somewhere between 1200-4000 BC ! The knowledge of Ayurveda has therefore been to known to us for about 3000-6000 years! 

Ayurveda literally translates to ‘the knowledge of long life’- Ayu meaning a long life. Ayurveda combines the knowledge of the natural elements and energies centered in our bodies and the aspect of spirituality with the food that we eat in order to promote a long and healthy life! That is to say, the ancient Indians knew that different kinds of food have the ability to produce different effects on our health. They had a knowledge of a vast number of herbs and roots and had the know-how to prepare drugs based on individual needs.

What's unique to Ayurveda is that it understands that every human body functions differently, and thus each person is treated as per the requirements of their body. The mind and the body are seen as being closely related to each other and the treatment is devised such as to bring about a cure in both these spheres. The body, according to Ayurveda is made up of three elements or energies called- 'vata' (air), 'pitta' (fire and water) and 'kapha' (density –like oil, phlegm). It is believed that foods can increase or decrease the level of these elements in our body and therefore, diet plans are made accordingly. The drugs used for treatment are also concocted from natural sources and thus, side effects are lesser with Ayurveda.

Thus, if a person complained of heartburn, their 'pitta' level was said to be high and the person would not just be prescribed medicines made from natural herbs but also put on a diet of raw vegetables, liquids and cooling herbs like mint to bring down the levels and asked to give up on caffeine and spicy foods. They would be guided to perform certain yoga asanas and make changes in their lifestyle thereby bringing about a holistic cure for their problems.

Modern science would be inclined to agree with that today! 

Isn’t it amazing that the philosophy of mindful eating and using food and natural extracts as a means to cure diseases was known to them so long ago? 

Believe it or not- That’s Incredible India!


  1. Ayurveda was underrated till recently I feel. As more and more people are opting for it now, it's gaining popularity. Having undergone some of these treatments myself, I say yes :) It's a healthy lifestyle too.

  2. Ayurveda lacks frills but it has survived the test of times and technology. Ayurveda is the great great grand father of allopathy. We should be proud of it and promote it. The AYUSH initiative is doing its bit but a lot more needs to be done to carry its legacy forward. Its nice that you picked it.
    Looking forward to your upcoming posts:-)

  3. I absolutely loved your theme. Will get to learn a lot from your posts ... like this one. A lot of people dismiss Ayurveda, but we need to have a proper understanding of how it works and effects each of your body parts to actually decide. Enlightening post :)

    @Sunjhini from
    Destiny's Child
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller

  4. Amazing isn't it? We do not take pride in our rich heritage. Glad u chose Ayurveda as topic to start with. Let the world kno now atleast. Truly , incredible India.

  5. This looks like a great series, Titli. Great theme you have chosen. And a wonderful start with Ayurveda. There definitely is much greater interest now in such holistic systems of wellness now that more and more people are becoming familiar with the terrible side-effects of the allopathic medicine. I look forward to reading more posts in this series!

  6. I'm going to add a lot of knowledge into my brain through your theme.
    You made Ayurveda seem so interesting for a teenager like me :D

  7. Thats true many a times modern medicatins seldom offer solutions and ayirveda sure does.

  8. Ayurveda works best for so many things.. All the natural remedies are harmless and give you the right solution to the problem..
    Learning about the same for enlightening :)


  9. I am so glad you have taken up such a unique theme and started off with a post expounding Ayurveda! Kudos! Ayurveda is something we should be so proud of, for its immense potential and reach! Looking forward to your posts through April :)

  10. I just love that this is the time of India Shining. So much awareness is being made about India. I love your theme and look forward to it. Ayurveda and its natural remedies are so helpful and healthy. :D

  11. Indeed, Ayurveda is amazing! It has all the wisdom for us to live and eat wisely and to keep our body fit!

  12. Ayurveda is said to be amazing. It just brings our entire body into balance. It's difficult to find a knowledgeable practitioner of this science though.
    - Chicky Kadambari @

  13. There's a remedy for everything in Ayurveda from hair problems to even deadly diseases.

  14. A theme of Incredible India is most welcome. I look forward to seeing India through your eyes.
    I'm generally not in favour of Allopathy and I've often found myself turning to non-allopathic forms of medicine, with ayurveda and homeopathy topping the list.

    A Few Drops of Ink

  15. Love this theme! Keep going!
    Seena from
    Thinking Aloud

  16. That's so true. Take the simplest example of hairfall! Love Ayurvedic medicines. Thanks for the informative post, Shubhangi. Bang On! :)

  17. A very good start with a very unique theme! :)

    Indeed India is incredible with the secrets of Ayurveda in its roots.

    Nibha @ Expressions
    Arriving Late

  18. Absolutely loved your theme! I discovered ayurveda only recently and have fallen in love with it since then. My mother had vericose veins and no treatment helped her until now. But once she started ayurveda, there has been no looking back.

    Looking forward to more about Incredible India!

  19. Great theme to begin with, very intresting !!

  20. Ayurveda is a science. In those combination of herbs and leaves, it has treatment of possible ailment. Thank you for bring this to your readers. Truly, incredible India :)

  21. Ayurveda as a science has many healthy benefits and I, myself, take herbal medicines. The west is also waking up to the many benefits of Ayur. Great theme:)

  22. Naturopathic treatments are becoming more popular in North America now, although the medical establishment remains skeptical. Sounds like India was well ahead of the rest in this regard.

  23. I've been used to Ayurveda being a part of life right from childhood. Ginger tea or ginger black coffee for a sore throat or tulsi in water for congested chest, chawanprash for immunity... I feel that the cure for anything is in nature. My grandmother in Kerala would have a natural home remedy for any kind of ailment. She always said inculcate more natural stuff in your diet and you will never have to take medications. Nice start to the blogging challenge! Good luck and have fun with it!!!

  24. Ancient cultures have so much to teach us that we have just forgotten. I had not heard of Ayurveda, thank you for explaining it. Happy AtoZ :)
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  25. Ayurveda is such an ancient part of our heritage. Wonderful post..

  26. Thanks for throwing light on this science which is often poohpoohed as mumbo jumbo
    BellyBytes from
    Mumbai On A High

  27. You have picked up a wonderful theme!! Looking forward to read them all!!


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