Friday, September 11, 2015

THAT moment...

What do you call that moment, which isn’t quite “the one”,
It’s the one right before it…the penultimate, before the final one…

That moment
      when the steed stands high up in the air, at the cusp of the finish line,
      the race is not yet won, but in a moment it will be fine…

That moment
       When you are holding your partner’s hand in yours, the ring nearing her finger,
      You aren’t yet man and wife, but in a moment you will be together…

That moment,
      when you feel the baby’s crown just about to emerge, the bundle of joy will arrive,
       it has not yet seen the light of the day, but in a moment, it will cry…

That moment,
       when you are standing with your arm outstretched, eyes on the award,
      on the tray, not yet in your hand, but in a moment you will be honored…

 That moment,
         when you see your loved one gasping for breath, perhaps his last ever,
        he is here now looking at you, but in a moment will be gone forever…

That moment,
        when a final glimpse you catch, as slowly chugs the train
        you behold her now, but know, that in a moment, will never see her again…

 THAT, is the moment, most intense of all….
        when the heart beats the fastest, and the breath is as good as gone,
         The fleeting moment that is lost, before you chanced upon…
         it is not your moment of victory or joy, neither of grief or pain or fall,
         The biggest moment of all is the one…you hadn’t thought of at all.    


  1. Nice expression of anticipation and dread. Well done.

  2. Wonderful expression. Loved it. That final moment of waiting is even better, so much more "alive" in a way, than the actual moment when it happens!

  3. Absolutely right! It's that moment before the final point - maybe it's when you cross the final hurdle rather - when everything gets so intense and there is a sense of achievement :)

  4. Such a beautiful expression, S! That moment is truly the most intense one... full of excited anticipation!

  5. Simply Wow! I would want to know, how did you come to this topic? Pls let ur readers know!

  6. Such an ignored moment, but such an important one.


At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person..deep gratitude for those who have lighted the flame within me!! your comments will be appreciated..

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