Friday, May 8, 2015

Be a child again!

Playtime with my kids has always ended up teaching me more than it teaches them. We were making a craft project, a home, fence and trees using ice cream sticks, and I had stuck three sticks together to make stems for shrubs and trees. I had laid them out to dry, when my younger one said, “Ma, this looks like the footprints of a bird.”

It indeed did look like one!
The elder one then rearranged it and said, “See, now it looks like the legs of an insect or like the pattern on the flag of UK or Australia, New Zealand or US.” Yeah, he was right. It missed a line, but it was similar though.



  1. I thought the second one looked like a butterfly! :D
    I agree with your younger one. It looks like the webbed feet of a duck!

  2. Children have such wonderful imagination! :)


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