Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tension of opposites...

I wear my heart on my sleeve,
That’s the way I am,
And you keep your thoughts hidden,
The guessing drives me insane!!
I would want to scream from the rooftops,
And let the whole world know,
What you mean to me,
And why I love you so.
You wear that cloak of secrecy,
And keep me in the blue,
I wonder if you let yourself in,
Or are kept wondering too!
I wish you'd say you love me too,
Wouldn't that be really nice?
Wonder what you’d say to that?
I know you’d roll your eyes!
It makes you feel trapped,
What liberates my heart and me,
I wonder if these emotions,
Are so alien to thee?
I'm hanging on to nothing,
To what can never be,
A juxtaposition of thoughts,
But that is who is me!
This tension of opposites,
Has me tied up in knots,
Breaks me into a thousand fragments,
And yet, adding up to naughts.



  1. Me too !! I wear my heart on my sleave !!

  2. Do opposites really attract? :) That's the question that came to me after reading this poem.

    1. as a matter of fact they do! hubby and me are polar opposites and i wonder and wonder how on earth did we happen to get together!!

  3. I hope and pray that I can change myself and not fall for the same trap again and again where people take advantage .. I want ot learn the art of thinking from MIND rather than heart ..

    although coming back to the poem .. it is beautiful :) and as the above comment opposites attract for sure always ..

    Wishing you and everyone around you a very very happy new yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person..deep gratitude for those who have lighted the flame within me!! your comments will be appreciated..

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