Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spare the child...

My little one is forever full of questions! Maybe all children are like that. I was cooking dinner, when he strode up to me, his toy zebra in one hand, and tugging my dress with the other.



“Why do animals live in the jungle? Why can’t they live in apartments like us?”

I will save our conversation for some other day, but I remembered his question in context to a news that I saw on TV a couple of days ago.  A live-in maid inPune, who took care of a couple’s 11 month old baby girl while the parents worked in night shifts, was tossing the baby in air, kicking it with her feet and terrorising it in every possible way! How on earth can anyone be so heartless, was beyond my comprehension. To say I was shocked, would be an understatement. I felt repulsed just watching it. The contents of my tummy did a flip, every time she threw the child in air and played with like it were a toy! Luckily for the child, there was CCTV installed in the house, and alerted by the little ones reluctance to be alone with the maid, the parents decided to check the CCTV footage. And this is what they found out! Was the woman mentally sick to have been so ruthless with a toddler?  

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  1. insightful .. i loved this line children are born out of our love; they need to be tended to with love.!

  2. OMG!! That was horrible!! Poor child :( How can anyone think of such cruelty, forget about putting it into action!!

  3. A great post! A strong and important message presented with firmness, clarity and love. Really well written! The ending was quite nicely done.


  4. The first post I’m reading for the day. So much truth in what you said. My husband saw this video, and he asked me whether I’d seen it, after explaining to me what he saw. I replied I didn’t want to :( Such cruelty !
    That woman is cruelty personified. I’m glad the parents found out the truth , although a little late.
    I agree that it is often the parents’ frustration that is poured out by beating a child. That is never going to set him on the right path. A spank or two at times may be needed, as much as other disciplinary measures that will convey the message to the child ; and that has to reflect love, not anger. A child is the most fragile being on earth; we can’t take his defenselessness for granted.
    Hats off for this post, Titli :)


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