Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for Positive thinking

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
And the task at hand seems uphill,
Pat your heart and close your eyes,
Take a deep breath, bid your worries goodbye,
All you need to do is smile and yell,
All izz well....all izz well!!

Things do go wrong a lot of times, don’t they? And when everything seems to be in the dumps, it is so easy to give up. But it is in these precise moments that we need to square up our shoulders, and lift our chins and tell ourselves that all will be fine. Nothing can work wonders the way a positive attitude can!!

Positivity is something I learnt from my Dad. Dad always jokes, that the reason he is so positive about everything is because his blood group is “B+ve”!! His positivity is infectious. You could be in the worst of situations, but he will always find something good about the whole thing. He believes that being positive helps you to look at things differently.

It lets you think.

It lets you find ways around the toughest of problems.

It lets you have faith in yourself.

When you look at things negatively, you do yourself more harm than good. You block out possible solutions, multiply your problems and you give up trying.  You will start looking at difficulty in every opportunity. But when you think positive, you will look at an opportunity in every difficulty. It’s may not always be easy to stay positive, I know that’s easier said than done, but not trying to be positive is like handing the negative thoughts a free reign in to your mind and allowing it to take over your thoughts. What a blow to your confidence that would be! So whenever a negative thought concerning your personal power comes to mind, deliberately voice a positive thought to cancel it out.

Positive attitude creates a chain of positive thoughts. So each day surround yourself with these words-

Nothing is impossible.

I know I can do it.

 Today is my day.

I am a winner.

May you find positivity in every aspect of your life!!!


  1. A positive post, Titli :) What we need is positivism blended with realistic attitude, which helps us think and hope that good things will happen, and even if things that happen are not what we want, we' re able to accept them with a positive frame of mind :)

  2. Positive thinking, tempered by realism, is a sure winner. As you said correctly, positive thinking is needed most when things are not going our way.

  3. Absolutely nothing is impossible. Indeed. Thanks for this brilliant post Titli! :)

  4. sensible positivism is always important .. positivism can refills one life with new bundle of energy .. beautiful post :)

  5. Lovely poem and excellent choice of word for P! Positive thinking is exceedingly important and can work like a pair of magical wings to take us places.

  6. Positive thoughts remove the clouds of the mind. :)


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