Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Dream....

We all dream.  Some of us dream at night, with our eyes shut. And when we wake up, all that we dreamt of is gone. Then there are others who dream in the day, with their eyes wide open. These are the dreamers who make their dreams come true. So by all means dream, and dream with your eyes wide open, with unbridled passion and burning desire in your heart, and live your dream.

The beauty of dreams is that you are the creator; you can shape it the way you want to, take your dreams to the heights you want to take it to, and go as far as you want to. And if you are not too happy with what you see in the end, you can erase all that and dream a new dream!! It is your creative vision for your life and when you dare to dream, you also get the courage to make it come true, and that is exactly why your dreams are much bigger than your fears. You might see obstacles, you might see failure or you might see dead ends. But such is the power of a dream that you will see yourself cross those hurdles, turn those failures into successes and make inroads where there are dead ends. You just have to dare.

So dare to dream, and dare to make your dream come true.


  1. Beautiful, Titli !! The way you've portrayed dreams is cute. We all love to dream, and dreams take us to greater heights by prompting our actions !!

  2. Love the song from Cinderella - A dream is a wish your heart makes...

  3. Dare to dream indeed. This was beautiful :)

  4. this was inspiring and beautiful :)

  5. They say that we are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it a reality. Of course we have to work hard for it!!

  6. Ah! My day dreams are as good as my dreams at night :)


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