Saturday, June 8, 2013

Naughts and Crosses - part 1

A game of naughts and crosses.
She had never been too good at the game. But Anup had always been an ace. Especially when life put a naught, he always seemed to know where to put his cross and win the game. Playing all by herself wasn't such a wise move.
She should have known better.

“Cheers” screamed the excited trio as they clinked their glasses looking at the awards adorning the table. The team of Rohit, Aditi and Shalu, had bagged the best team and best performer awards. Their boss looked at them with pride, even as they basked in the glory of their victory.
“You girls look great today!” said Rohit eyeing Aditi in particular. She looked amazing in a blue chiffon saree and matching blue earrings. Her silken hair was untied, falling gracefully across her face and she looked beautiful sweeping it off behind her ear from time to time.
“Find someone else to flirt with Rohit,” said Shalu. Aditi however seemed to be enjoying the attention.
“I am going to the dance floor, care to join me?” he asked.
Aditi had almost got up, ready to join Rohit.
“Not with you,” Shalu replied pulling Aditi back to her chair.
“Mother hen” he sniggered, “suit yourself.” He walked to the dance floor, hands up in the air waving, hips swaying wildly to the beats of the song being played.
“Good riddance! I don’t like this guy one bit,” she whispered in Aditi’s ear. “I’ll tell boss to put someone else in our team as soon as we get back.”
Aditi however wasn’t quite listening to her; she was swaying her head to the music being played, lip syncing the lyrics, sounding completely out of tune. She was pouring herself another drink when Shalu snatched the bottle from her.
“Go slow on the alcohol Aditi, have you ever been so drunk before?” she chided her.
“I am fine Shaloooo,” she said snatching her glass back, “You,” she said pointing a finger at Shalu, “don’t keep telling meeee,” she turned that finger to herself, “what to dooo.” She picked up the trophy from the table, “Look at this tropheeee,” she held the trophy in the air, admired it and brought it to her lips, kissing it and then bringing it close to her bosom as if it were her child. “Seeee what it says? ‘Bessstt purr-form-errr -  Aditeee Sharrrmaa’, that’s meeeeeee……and I feeeel on top of this wuurrlddd…”She sounded quite tipsy.
“I think I should take you to the room, let’s go,” said Shalu, rising and holding Aditi’s hand, trying to help her to her feet.
“No,” Aditi wrenched her hand free, “I wanna daaance, see everyone’s on the daaance floorrr” she said pointing to the group of dancers.
“Whatever!” sighed Shalu.
Aditi dragged a reluctant Shalu to the dance floor, and was grooving madly to the beats when Rohit joined them.
“Madame, may I have a dance with you,” said Rohit, in a heavy French accent, getting down on one knee, waiting for Aditi to accept.
“Surrre Monsieurrr,” she said giggling, offering her hand, as he sprang to his feet, wrapped his hand around her waist and led her to the middle of the dance floor.
Shalu tried pulling Aditi back, but her friend seemed unstoppable tonight. Having been left alone, Shalu decided to go back to her room. It had been almost midnight when the party wound up and Rohit came to drop Aditi to her room.
“Can I come in and chat for some time?” he asked as he stood at the door.
“Ofcourrrse. I had a grrreeat time today, Rohit, you daance soooo well.” She said tilting her head to one side, still swaying.
“You were amazing too, Aditi,” he said, thinking of the softness and warmth of her skin brushing against him as they danced together. He longed to hold her closer, probably kiss her if she would permit. He took her right hand in his, and looked into her beautiful kohl lined eyes, “may I kiss your hand in appreciation?”
“You mayyy,” she replied holding forth her hand, quite carried away with his boyish charm.
He kissed her hand ever so softly; it almost felt like a tease. Aditi closed her eyes, breathing heavily as an electrifying wave shot through her body. He shut the door behind them and drew her close, one hand securely holding her slender waist and the other clearing the silken hair off her neck. She did not seem to mind as he kissed her again, this time on her neck, gradually moving to her lips. She seemed to melt in his arms, and sensing no resistance, he carried her to bed.
                                                            ********to be cont**********


  1. Ah What a poignant story. Any one in Anup's place would have reacted as he did.I felt releived when he finally came to her Thank God it was a happy ending for them.

  2. A short' true story in the new world.. Bold & Beutifully written LP, U are becoming better & better wit every new post & not letting us down.. Keep it Up ! But the Truth is How many Men can be like Anup wit the cross?

  3. Good read. True love never ends :)


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