Saturday, November 17, 2012

The job.....part 4

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Abhijeet looked like he had been hit by lightening. He did not pause once and started wading through the tunnel, immersed in deep thoughts. Was Sanjog right? Was his organization really into such a murky racket? If it were indeed true, what would he do? Should he help his friend? Should he tell his boss, or maybe Sahana? Should he stay away from it all?

As Abhijeet emerged from the other end still immersed in thought, he saw Sahana was already there and jumping jubilantly.

“I won!! Yippee! What took you so long?” she looked so child-like in her victory!

He could barely let out a smile.

“What’s the matter? You look tense. Is something wrong?”

“Yes, my love, but I’ll tell you later. I’ll be fine.”


Abhijeet looked serious when he arrived at work and his boss Narayan asked him if everything was ok. Yes, Abhijeet had replied, he was just tired after the hectic weekend.

He tried to appear more cheerful and continued with his work. Few weeks had passed and he suspected nothing unusual.

He had started staying in late on the pretext of completing his work and tried to keep an eye on the employees and ear on the conversations. He had almost convinced himself that Sanjog had been mistaken. He decided to drop his guard and go home on time that day. It was a Saturday so they could go to Noida for the weekend and meet his family.

As he entered the lift, Mr.Vasan, his superboss was already there. They exchanged greetings and rode together to the ground floor. Abhijeet got out but Vasan stayed on. Abhijeet had walked a few meters and suddenly realized Vasan was still in the lift. He went back and pressed the button and it took a while for the lift to open and when it opened there was no one there.

He was certain; Vasan had not got out with him. So where did he go? Was there a really a basement beneath, to which he had access? How many of the employees knew about the basement? How many of them had access cards? If it was true, than Sanjog had been right! He must find out.


He quitely made up his mind to help Sanjog. If not for Sanjog's cause, atleast for his own peace of mind. Since it was Saturday, he drove to Hotel Blue Moon and waited for Sanjog to show up. Sanjog walked in and  a look of gratitude spread on his face as he saw Abhijeet. He sat on a table adjacent to his friend and motioned for him to follow. He disappeared into the washroom and Abhijeet followed.

Abhijeet told him of his chance encounter at the lift and his desire to find out more.

“I am glad you agreed to help,” Sanjog looked relieved, “Thank you.”

He handed over the access card to the basement floors, and other details Debashis had managed to pass on to him. The plan was discussed and they left their separate ways.

“If you get any information, we’ll meet at the hotel’s discotheque on Monday night.”


The following Monday, Abhijeet stayed late in the office again on the pretext of completing his thesis and waited for the staff to clear off. When he was sure there was no one left, he entered the lift to find out what deadly secrets it held. He searched the lift for a slit to insert the access card, and realized there was no slit. But there was a red light below the symbol for ground floor.

‘Maybe the card has to be read not swiped’, he thought.

He kept the card on it so that it would be read. Miraculously the lift began its downward descent and did not stop at ‘G’ the ground floor, it went further down and for the first time Abhijeet felt a panic wave sweeping through his body! He was about to enter into unknown territory!

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  1. getting spookier....This is indeed an amazing write up replete with riveting imagery.Enjoying..


At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person..deep gratitude for those who have lighted the flame within me!! your comments will be appreciated..

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