Thursday, October 25, 2012


 Tanya's word-o-logy is a fun idea to play along....This is a game to associate words with set themes... 

my ten:

1.Rain               : romance            : sleep
3.dreams          : ephermal
4.sunday          : lazy                : crazy
6.road trip        : leisure                         
7.blogging       : kit and kaboodle                  
8.wife                :reverse psychiatry
9.books            :epiphanous         :collywobbles                    


  1. Now that was really something. Wife : reverse psychiatry, lol! I liked the rhyme, sunday:lazy, love: crazy. Thanks for being a part of the word-o-logy Wednesday. Hope you enjoyed. Take care

  2. Haha, I like your words! Kit and kaboodle, reverse psychology, collywobbles! :P

  3. thats hi-fi :)
    you match with me in Rain and luxury

  4. nice take, princess. I loved the romance, leisure and reverse psychiatry :)))))

  5. Interesting game!
    LOL @ Wife : Reverse Psychiatry!! True true.. :D

  6. Reverse Psychiatry. Can we agree with you more?! :P

    Nice choice of words! :)

  7. all the words have been very rightly associated.. :) gr8 work..

  8. Hello there!!
    Those are some great word associations...and that reverse psychiatry had me in splits :D :D But my fave would be the school one :)
    Thanks for dropping your lovely comment at my blog :) Now, following you.


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