Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Unrequitted love!

The beautiful earth smiled,
As she saw the first grey cloud,
Would her knight in shining armour,
Call out to her aloud?

Would he pour down upon her,
In his arms would her embrace?
Caress and tease and kiss her,
Make her heart pound and race?

She’d pined for him for long,
Bore the separation, the pang,
Living by memoirs of happier times,
When together they danced and sang.

He had drenched her with so much love,
She had blossomed into colours of every hue,
He had crowned her with his rainbow ring,
It had killed her to bid adieu.

Hearing him thunder and glow,
She was bedewed with mounting athirst,
Oh, there he comes, he felt him touch,
Upon her silken crust.

The magical moment she’d waited for,
Arrived, but sans all its glory,
For he came down with a force so torrid,
Shattered her with his fury.

Crushing her with all his might,
Destroyed her from deep within,
The beautiful flowers, the dancing trees,
Gave in, leaving her barren.

He raged and stormed all day and night,
And tore her soul apart,
She wondered why his love had soured,
Why hate had filled his heart?

As though by some crafted design,
He disappeared into the clouds,
Never to be seen or heard again,
In mystery it was shroud!

Through days and weeks and months,
She waited and pined for him,
Her lovely colours rusted away,
Her brightness starting to dim.

The sun shone bright and golden,
It burned her delicate skin,
Parched for his love and care,
She turned to stone within.

Would she ever be able,
To trust anyone else again?
Her heart and mind, body and soul,
Shattered by the deceitful rain.


  1. Beautiful thoughts indeed.She will be able to trust and will be able to love once again. Its a never stopping cycle.

  2. Wonderfully rhymed poem...Beautiful concept...

  3. Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you ever been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The full glance of your web site is excellent, as neatly as the content!

  4. Truly Beautiful , One of the Best Poems I Read so far! Mother Earth"s Expression is Amazing..

  5. @Anonymous: Wow! ur comments made my day! thanks!

  6. Wow ...this was on sad part though damn beautiful ......amazingly rhymed ......loved it :) :)


At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person..deep gratitude for those who have lighted the flame within me!! your comments will be appreciated..

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