Thursday, May 14, 2015

The affair...

“Hey Sarika…” shouted Ranveer, waving at her.

Sarika had been enjoying her coffee break at the CCD, in the street across her office. She waved back, beckoning for him to come over, an instant smile lighting up her face.

He crossed over and walked to her table, and sat himself across her.

“What are you doing near my office? she asked, nursing the cup of coffee in her hands. “I am sure you didn’t just come by to see me,” she said with a questioning look.

“Had a meeting at Navratan,” he replied,  “And yes, seeing you…that was part of the plan. I was just about to head to your office when I saw you here,” he said, signaling for the waiter. “One espresso,” he ordered.

“Ummm…don’t give me these surprises; they’ll make me fall in love with you.” 

She remembered how he had whisked her off to a movie in the middle of last week.  "Who watches movies on Tuesdays at 4 pm?" she had giggled.  

"Crazy people like us," he had replied. 

They had felt like college sweethearts, bunking college to watch a movie! And the week before that he took her to a retreat where they got adventurous and had a lovely time soaking up the sun.

“That’s part of the grander plan, madam,” he said almost in a whisper, placing his palm on hers, winking his eye and they both burst out laughing.

As they finished their coffee, he inched closer to her, “Listen… how about if we take half a day off and go home? I am almost done for the day,” he said make patterns on the smooth skin of her arm.”It’s a beautiful day. A day like this must not be wasted.”

“A day like this is to be spent in the arms of your beloved?” she asked raising one eyebrow like only she could, making her look so adorable. “I guess I could leave early today,” she said. Then she widened her eyes and creased her forehead, a worried looked creeping on her face, “What if my husband comes back early?”

“He won’t.”

“And what will you tell your wife?”

“Nothing. She won’t suspect a thing,” he whispered, putting a finger to his lip.

“Wicked you,” she said, a naughty expression on her face.

“Beautiful you,” he replied, moving a finger across her cheeks and puckering his lips and blowing her an air- kiss.

He paid the bill and they made some calls to their respective office before heading home.

She fumbled with the keys and he waited impatiently for her to open the door.

“Looks like madam is nervous,” he teased.

“Why would I be? This isn’t our first time,” she said still fumbling.

He held her slender waist from behind, nuzzling her neck with his nose, breathing in her fragrance, as she giggled.

“Shhh…wait till we get inside, you don’t want the neighbours to see, do you? What if they tell my husband?” she said making an innocent face.

“I don’t care. That husband of yours is a fool,” he said, continuing to nuzzle.

The lock opened and they went in locking the door behind them.

“Don’t say that, I love him,” she said giving him a light slap on his head.

“Ah! You do? So what are you doing with me?”

“Let me tell you what I am doing,” she said, a mischievous smile beginning to form on her lips. She put her arms around his neck and stood on his feet, while he held her firmly around her waist. As they kissed wildly, he walked to the bedroom, their feet walking together in unison.

“You were aa-mai-zingg,” she said resting her head on his shoulders, and he enveloped her in his arms.

He smiled, placing a kiss on her forehead. They lay together for some time, caressing and breathing in each other’s scents and listening to each other’s heartbeats.

“I love you, Sarika,” he said, holding her closer.

“I do too,” she said. There was nothing more satisfying than lying in the arms of your beloved, knowing you are loved and mean the world to him.

Just then the doorbell rang, sending them scurrying for their clothes. Sarika opened the door, while Ranveer, trudged out behind, buttoning his shirt.

“Mamma…” screamed Disha, putting her little arms around Sarika’s neck. “You know what happened at school today…” she started, the bundle of energy that she was! Then her eyes fell on Ranveer.

“Pappa…” she squealed running to him, jumping up as he caught her and swung her into his arms, and they rubbed their noses together like they always did. “You are back home so soon?”

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